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The online submission process for the 2019 Conference is Closed.

If you are interested in speaking at our 2020 Conference, stayed tuned for the link to submit a speaker proposal online below.
Please review the proposal guide below for information about our conference.


“I was totally impressed! I can’t wait to come back next year with more of my teaching staff. The professional level of your presenters was unbelievable – across the board. I love having the handouts available online. Thank you for a very well-run, organized, professional and engaging conference.” – Conference Attendee

Our goal is to provide an outstanding conference experience to attendees with great professional development from top experts in the field. We seek WOW presenters who not only convey useful information, but who also do so in an engaging way which results in high attendee ratings. We are very proud of the many compliments we receive like the one below. It will give you a sense of what we aim to achieve.

Getting Your Proposal Accepted   We receive a large volume of proposals and are not able to accept all submissions. To increase the likelihood of having your proposal accepted please follow all of the guidelines below. It also saves us all time when you are responsive to emails or phone calls, and ensure that your references complete the reference request.

Conference Description  The Young Child Expo & Conference is a unique forum that brings together all early childhood professionals to learn about the latest information, products, services, and resources for early childhood development. The focus of our conference is on the essential topics & innovative approaches that can help all young children learn & grow well. Our attendees seek practical information that they can use immediately in their work. About half of the conference program will include topics affecting all children (e.g., social emotional development, literacy, language development), and half of the program will include special needs topics such as autism, speech, motor, behavior, and other developmental disorders.

Click here to submit a proposal online

Los Angeles 2019
Presentation Proposal Online Submission Form:

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Los Angeles 2019
Presentation Proposal Submission PDF Form:

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Los Niños Training Copyright Policy:

Themes & Topic Suggestions

  • Art Education
  • Autism
  • Behavior Management
  • Infancy & Toddler
  • Sensory Learning
  • Social Emotional
  • STEM


Proposal deadline Now OPEN

Notification date – August 2018

You will receive an automatic notification that we have received your submission. If you do not receive this notification then please check your spam filter or email or call us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about a proposed presentation.

Acceptance ProcessOnce you are notified of your acceptance we need you to confirm your speaking day and time within 7 days and register for the conference by August 2018.

Presentation Date and Time – Please submit your presentation proposal with the understanding that we will provide you with a time slot during the conference. We appreciate your flexibility in accepting the time slot you are assigned.

Public Program AnnouncementSeptember 2018

Conference Overview

When: February 7-8, 2019

Where: Good Samaritan Hospital (Downtown LA)

1225 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017,

Attendees: Professionals ~ 95% (teachers, special education teachers, administrators, directors, teacher assistants, social workers, speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, physicians, child care workers, ABA therapists, family educators)

Students & Parents ~ 5%

Expected Attendance: 400 expected

Expected Vendors: 15

No. of Sessions: 14

Typical Session Size: Regular sessions typically attract 25 – 150 attendees

Room Set-Up: Classroom/Theatre Style

Objective: Presentations need to provide useful & practical information to practitioners on essential topics in early childhood development. See the topic list below for a list of topics sought. Feel free to submit a different topic that is not on this list if you feel it would be essential and relevant for early childhood professionals.

Presenters: We seek presenters who are experts in their field. Having published articles, books or videos is a plus. We seek presenters who have a proven ability to deliver highly rated presentations. 

Meeting Workshops: Simultaneous meeting workshops begin at 9:00am -12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm on Thursday and Friday. Workshops are 3 hours long. Attendance size at any specific session cannot be predicted.

Downtown LA: Have you been to the revitalized Downtown LA lately? Check out 20 cool things to do in the Downtown LA

Audio Visual Materials Provided to Presenters

The following audio visual equipment will be provided standard to all presenters without charge:

LCD Projector and Screen
Laser Pointer/Wireless Mouse

Please advise us if you require additional audio visual equipment. We strongly encourage you to bring BOTH your own LAPTOP and USB drive with your presentation on each. This will help us avoid any potential technology issues. 

Handouts are Online (We are green!)

Handouts are required for all presenters as attendees expect and greatly value handouts. The Young Child Expo & Conference has gone green and we are being environmentally conscious. Thus handouts are electronic. Once your presentation proposal is accepted please email your PowerPoint presentation or handouts to by 1/7/19. We will post your PowerPoint or other handouts online only for attendees to access just prior to the conference so that attendees can print the handouts if they wish. The guiding principal for your handouts and/or presentation is that it will be useful to participants. PowerPoint of your presentation is ideal. Alternatively, if you do not have a PowerPoint presentation then please provide a summary of major points and a resource and/or reference list for attendees.

No Promotion of Your Service or Product

We accept speaker proposals from individuals as well as from companies who also wish to exhibit and/or sponsor. It is acceptable for any presenter to make a small mention of your product or service during your talk. However, attendees rate presenters negatively when they are perceived to be “selling their product” instead of providing useful information. The purpose of the conference sessions is to educate and not to sell. Exhibit booths, sponsors and advertising is the best way to reach your audience about your product or service. Thus, please keep any remarks about any product or service that you might offer only to a brief mention. Feel free to consult with us about any questions you may have. The conference presentations are primarily to provide useful information and education, and the exhibits are the space to actively promote or sell products or services. If we receive complaints that your presentation includes too much selling of your product or service then we will not be able to invite you back as a future speaker. The exception to this policy is when a conference session or workshop is clearly announced as a description of a program, product or service.

Exhibits & Sponsorship

15 organizations and companies who provide services or offer products and resources for young children will participate at the 2019 Young Child Expo and Conference. The conference provides a great opportunity to connect early childhood educators, professionals and parents with the latest resources and information to help young children develop, grow and prosper. Please contact us right away if your organization is interested in sponsorship or reserving an exhibitor table since space is very limited and we sell out early. Go to our website for our Prospectus which includes all info needed for Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Advertisers.

For Further Information  212.787.9700 x333

On behalf of the conference committee we thank you for your interest in our conference.

Scott Mesh, PhD

Los Niños Training, Conference Co-Director, NYC

Dr. Tamar Andrews, EdD

Preschool Director, Temple Isaiah Preschool, Conference Co-Director, LA

Nancy Evangelista, MSW

Conference Coordinator, Los Niños Training, NYC tel. 212.787.9700 x 333 fax. 212.787.4418